The Heroine Collective is One!

It’s been a wonderful first year and I’ve been continually strengthened by the publication – by the importance of activism, the importance of women’s history, by the incredible things women all around the world are doing for social, cultural and political progress. It’s been a year emerged in sisterhood, a constant reminder of the ways in which women can support one another, carve out space for one another, build each other up.

But it’s not only the women we feature who’ve reminded me of sisterhood. It’s also my team. What I did to deserve this team I have no idea! I’ve felt so supported by my committed writers and researchers.

The Heroine Collective’s Contributing Editor Amber Karlins has been a continual support all through the year – she brings intellect, strategy and tenacity to the project, and has become one of my dearest friends. She’ll be representing us at TED Women’s Conference in San Francisco this October.

Our first year has brought two other core contributors into focus – Jo Liptrott and Miranda Bain. Jo and I found each other over social media, and I met Miranda on the tube after the Women’s Equality Party Fundraiser. They’re both consistently supportive, brilliant, insightful and form a strong backbone to the team. I can’t thank them enough for giving so much time and talent to making this such a growing resource. I love reading their work.

One of the big highlights of the year has been connecting with Sian Norris, the founder of the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival. She’s been running a column for us on the literary minds of Paris’ 1920s Left Bank. Her work is a joy to read and Sian is a delight to work with. I’ve loved the education I’ve gained on the women of this period; the articles are so evocative of a world that feels thrillingly rebellious. Take a look at her work.

Another highlight has been meeting some of my heroines. I could have sat on Susie Orbach’s therapy couch forever, and lunch with Robtel Neajal Pailey was fascinating. After a lovely interview, Bidisha sent me her book in the post with a heart-warming dedication of faith in the project which helped so much with building confidence in the early days. Finn McKay on Andrea Dworkin was one of our most successful articles; being able to publish a personal insight into such an important pioneer felt so special.

The team has now started to grow and I’m absolutely delighted to have just taken on three new core contributors – Jessie Anand, Sara Sherwood and Carly Bell. All are intellectually gifted young feminists who write brilliantly. I’ve fallen in love with their work already!

This year has been about developing a strong editorial system and content, building our networks and team. Thousands of people read our articles every month and I receive lovely comments about the publication all the time.

Next year we have exciting plans – we’re looking at live events and the publication of a children’s book. But essentially, next year is all about spreading the word.

We’d love your help – please share our articles, tweet about us, tell your friends. And if you want to join our team, get in touch! We’re growing and we’re lovely.

That leaves me with one thing to say: Happy Birthday The Heroine Collective!

Kate Kerrow

Written by Kate Kerrow

Kate is a freelance writer and researcher. Her work explores gender, race and sexuality, with a particular focus on women's political histories.
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